After owning a couple '88 900s, it started to bug me how they all had strange problems that other 900s just didn't have.  Considering how little was changed between '87 and '88, it didn't make any sense how things could suddenly go so wrong.  One day I asked my mechanic was the story was.  He explained that while the majority of the '88s were being assembled there were massive labor strikes in Sweden, and as a result quality control pretty much went out the window.  Untrained workers and trained workers who didn't care had a substantial negative impact on a low-volume manufacturer.  During those years he'd worked for the local Saab dealer and, according to him, it was not uncommon to find all sorts of crazy things during PDI (pre-delivery inspection) - ball bearings in doors, complete panels detached, and electrical connectors unplugged.  Of course this is one guy's experience, but his explanation went a long way in helping me understand why all three of my '88s were such maintenance nightmares.