Personal Resources

Ignition wires for all my cars

Motorsport Dynamics
Exhaust wrap, Beru spark plugs, HKS bypass valve

Tire Rack
Tires for my Sonett

University Imports
Maintenance on every Saab I've ever owned

Volvo & Saab Dismantlers
Great local source of road-tested parts

Dad's Volvo-Saab-Audi-Peugeot
Another local dismantler

Sound Conceptions
They've provided nearly every stereo I've ever purchased

Sacramento Jaguar-Saab
The local Sacramento dealer.  I will bite my 
tongue because they give me discounts

Import Parts Specialists
Extremely helpful bunch of guys with a great of knowledge about Saabs
An online-only source for car parts - good prices, quick shipping

Kellog's Auto Transport
These guys have shipped four or five cars for me, and been very helpful.
They are nationwide, so give 'em a call!