These are some of the Saab-related web pages out there that I have found useful.  If you've got one of your own you'd like to see here, by all means please email me.

Note:  When following any of the links on the following page, your computer should open a new window - if you click and nothing seems to happen, check to be sure no new browser windows opened without letting you know - sometimes they forget to...

Saab Corporate Sites Saab AB and country-specific sites
Saab Dealer Sites Saab dealers around the world
Saab Magazines Newsletters, & Books Publications supporting Saab
Saab Clubs Clubs, virtual and physical
Saab-Specific Parts & Supplies Companies producing upgrades for Saabs
General Aftermarket & Supplies Tires, fluids, etc. and generic upgrades
Major Saab Sites Some of the larger Saab sites on the net
Personal Saab Sites People with their obsessive sites
Personal Resources This is a compiled list of those places which have been helpful in maintaining and upgrading my cars.