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Saabs of the Past

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1984 SAAB 900 Turbo

This isn't my actual car, but it's very close.  Mine had the small 'triangle' spoiler (like on my 2-door below).

This was my first Saab. A bluish (body color 112B) 8-valve 4-door, I bought this car from the dealership where it was originally purchased in 1984. Apparently, the owner of the dealership - "Mr. Niello" - bought this car in London, England, and then had it shipped back to the states. He sold the car shortly thereafter, to a gentlemen who took it with him to Reno, NV, and had it ever since. He brought it back in '95 to Sacramento, to the same dealership and traded it in on a new Saab. I bought the car two days later with a mere 67,000 miles on the odometer. It was in great shape, and ran smooth and quiet. I sold this car in April of 1997, almost exactly two years later. Shortly thereafter, I received e-mail from its new owner, telling me that it had been broad-sided by someone who had failed to stop at a red light. The car has been pronounced dead, and I am sad, but that's life...  I do miss it, and wish I had a picture of it.

Performance: Porsche Calipers & Rotors (Front)

Lighting: PIAA 1000 Fog Lights

Audio: Sony MobileES CD Player, Alpine 4x10 (rear), Pioneer 4" up (front)

Bought:  April 1995 @ 67k
Sold:  April 1997 @ 127k


1988 SAAB 900 SPG

This isn't my actual car, either.

This car was the result of months of hunting for a Better Saab. It was Edwardian grey, which I decided I like wholeheartedly better than black. It too was in great shape, with only minor paint damage on the rear hatch, but in perfect mechanical condition. It had been fully "Group 6ed" (new APC box, exhaust, intake, etc.) and was an incredibly powerful car. It met with an untimely death only three weeks after I purchased it due to some "work" done on it by my then-mechanic. I won't go into the details, but suffice to say I never went back.   It was stored and stripped, so that it's parts could live on in another deserving car.

Performance: Group6 APC Box, Group6 Stainless Steel Cat-back Exhaust, Group6 (K&N) Intake Air Filter

Lighting: Bosch Pilot Foglights

Audio: Pioneer KEH-P7200, Polk 4" EX-series separates (front), Polk 5.25" EX-series separates (rear)

Bought:  December 1996 @ 77k
Killed:  December 1996 @ 77k


1990 SAAB 900 Turbo

Another result of a lot of searching. After the wreck of the SPG, I was eager to get another Saab - it had shown me the Way of Saab's 16-valve engines. I found this one, another charcoal grey Saab, in excellent condition. It underwent many modifications, both for aesthetics and for performance - and was really a screamer. It was also the first Saab I have found a name for... "Skugga," which is Swedish for "shadow."   Unfortunately, it died on Wednesday, June 11th of 1997, when an oncoming truck tried to squeek in a left turn in front of me, and came to a complete stop effectively blocking both lanes.  Skugga tried, but its ABS wasn't enough to slow me down.   I plowed into the truck, killing my car and the truck.  At the time I was too happy to be alive to worry about the loss of another Saab - it gave its life so I could have mine.  A good Saab, but a dead Saab nonetheless.  

(Don't get depressed - I've had significantly better luck with my Saabs since then... :)

Performance: Group6 APC Box, Group6 Stainless Steel Cat-back Exhaust, Saab SPG-model Ignition Distributor, Saab 3.0 bar Fuel Pressure Regulator, Overboost Toggle Switch

Lighting: Bosch Pilot Foglights

Audio: Pioneer Premier KEH-P7400, Pioneer DEQ-P7200 Graphic Equalizer & DSP, Pioneer 6-disc CD Changer, Polk EX Separates (front), JBL Touring Separates (rear), Eclipse 6x9 (trunk), Pioneer 4x45watt amp, Coustic 2x45watt amp,

Bought:  January 1997 @ 96k
Killed:  June 1997 @ 102k


1986 SAAB 9000 Turbo

One week after the last '90 900T died, I found this one on a used car lot. I had never really considered a 9000, but after resolving that my recent loss was going to take a while to replace, I knew I needed something to get around in. Although I had planned on finding a older RX7, BMW E21, or XR4Ti, I ended up getting the 9000 for a mere $2500.  At the time, the price seemed to be a terrific deal, but now after a few hundred dollars in maintenance it just seemed good. The car was originally from New Hampshire, and had a little rust (in some surprising places), and a couple minor cosmetic problems, but with only 108,000 miles it was pretty darned nice and a solid deal.  I sold it at the beginning of April 1998 to my roommate, but before I did I was able to put almost 20,000 miles on it... not bad for eight months of ownership!  The 9000 is a great car - and I am pretty sure my roommate is enjoying it.  I am also quite happy that it found its way to another enthusiastic owner who will take care of it!



Audio: Pioneer KEH-P4600 Head Unit, Pioneer 6-disc changer, Eclipse 6x9" (trunk), Boston Acoustics separates (back)

Bought:  June 1997 @ 108k
Sold:  March 1998 @ 126k


1988 SAAB 900 Turbo

After considering a 2.3l 9000T for a couple months, I resolved that what I really like is 900s.  This one was a black 3-door.  The paint wasn't perfect, but after a good polish and coat of wax the the Saab was downright shiny.  As reflective as it was it was easy to overlook the small scratches.  The mileage was a little high at 130,000 miles, but the car had only two owners (the first of which had the car for less than a year) and had been really well-maintained.  When I purchased the car it had brand-new tires and a new water pump, but needed a new a/c compressor.  All in all, well worth the money..

It stayed with me for about nine months, during which time every little detail was attended to.  An SPG APC box, cat-back exhaust, 3.0 bar fuel pressure regulator and a Saab SPG RoadHolding kit were installed which helped turn this Saab into a real sleeper.  I ended up selling it to help pay for the '90 SPG (aka Skugga #2), a decision I somewhat regret but realize it was for the best...

Performance: SPG APC Box (165 hp), Group6 cat-back exhaust, 3.0 bar fuel pressure regulator, Saab Road Holding kit


Audio: Boston Accoustics Rally 6.5" component speakers (rear), JBL GT 5.0c 5.25" component speakers (front)

Bought:  July 1997 @ 130k
Sold:  April 1998 @ 134k


1985 SAAB 900 Turbo

One day while cruising through Recycler Online I ran into an ad for this car.  The owner was asking $600 for it and claimed it needed a new hose.   I was intrigued, so and friend and I took a day trip down to San Diego to take a look.  It turned out that this poor Saab needed much more than a new hose, but my co-pilot and I loaded it onto our U-Haul trailer, hitched it up to the GMC Sierra Z71, and towed it back to Sacramento.  After a week and a half in the garage, we had it ready to roll.  It took a new starter motor, water pump, air mass meter, passenger side upper A-arm & bushing, alternator & bracket, tires, front & rear light reflectors, valve cover gasket, camshaft oil feed lines, exhaust manifold gasket, fuel pressure regulator, turbo oil feed lines and a lot of interior scrubbing but our Rose Quartz 900T served a while as a daily driver.  We never got it perfect cosmetically, but during its life it was very reliable and never gave us any problems.

Co-Pilot Matt & I put about 16,000 miles on the car in the next several months.  To say we abused the car is an understatement.  We hauled all sorts of stuff in it, used it to experiment on, and did not drive it with a particularly notable amount of care.  Second gear decided it wasn't worth it sometime in August, disappearing just as the car crossed 190,000 miles.  I still drove it a couple thousand miles, but when the head gasket blew I decided to let the car die.  It was kind of tragic letting all that work go out the window, but it was a great learning experience and an opportunity to get really familiar with the mechanicals of Saabs.  

Performance: Hey, it drove!

Lighting: Big ol' Hella 500 Driving Lights

Audio: Blaupunkt CM84

Bought:  March 1998 @ 176k
Dismantled:  December 1998 @ 192k


1990 SAAB 900 SPG

You can also see pictures of:

The Catz Foglights

The HKS Bypass Valve

The current pride of the fleet is a really nice black SPG.  I saw it in a newspaper two weeks after getting the '85 900T (above) running, and almost choked when I saw the dealer was only asking $3500.  Of course, I was skeptical, but I called on it anyway.  I was a little depressed when the seller told me it had a salvage title, but figured that at its price even a junker might be worth picking it up.  I headed down to Pasadena, CA that night to take a look at it, and upon setting eyes upon it, I knew I had to have it.  It had a mere 45,000 miles on it, looked virtually perfect, and drove great.  It needed new wheels and tires and a couple other minor items, but at $3500, salvage title or not, it was a steal.  I had it shipped back up to Sacramento immediately.

Given its low mileage and near-flawless cosmetics, this car has become the latest in a proud tradition of fast Saabs.  Progress is slow on the car, but I'm trying to take a very scientific approach to its tuning.  For the first time I have a full chassis dyno available, which makes it easy to see weak spots in its current tune and so far it's lead to a very powerful and very drivable car. 

Performance: Magnecor ignition wires, Beru Silverstone Spark Plugs (#S3F, if you're curious), Saab 3.0 bar Fuel Pressure Regulator, Custom APC Box (about 14psi), HKS Racing Bypass Valve & Custom Stainless Steel Intercooler Ducting, Thermal Exhaust Wrap, Saab Super Aero 16" Wheels wrapped in Yokohama A520 205/50ZR-16 Tires, Saab Whale Tail, Custom White-Faced Gauges, Saab Leather Shift Knob & Boot, Autometer "Phantom" Boost, Oil Pressure & Air:Fuel Gauges

Lighting: Hella H4 Headlamps, Catz MSR Driving Lights (pictured above)


Bought:  April 1998 @ 44k
Status:  Faster than ever!


1988 SAAB 9000 Turbo

You can also see pictures of:

Engine Bay

3" Exhaust


It's very easy for me to rationalize the purchase of Saabs.  I don't know why that is, but it's definitely the truth.  This one was spotted in Recycler Online one afternoon for the grand sum of $850.  Citing a failing transmission, the owner just wanted it gone.  Myself and my roommate (and fellow Saab 9000 owner) headed down to Northridge, CA to investigate.  Cosmetically the car was in good shape, but was leaking something fierce from somewhere we couldn't see.  Given it's good looks (champagne with brown leather), I decided to pick it up.  It was shipped by Kellogg's Auto Transport (who also shipped the '90 SPG up from Pasadena) who again was very prompt and very customer-oriented.  Once here, we delved into it to locate it's issues before consigning it to a parts car.

Good fortune smiled on us - the "failing auto transmission" turned out to be a leaky power steering rack.  A few other items were in needs of attention, and everything was taken care of by University Imports in Sacramento, CA.  All said and done, I was very happy with the car.  I sent it up to my parents house, to replace my Dad's Honda Accord (blech!).  

He put about 14,000 miles on it, but it became clear the automatic tranny was not going to live forever.  Given the great condition of the car, I decided I wasn't going to let it die.  I secured a low-mileage 2.0l engine and a 5-speed transmission, and went to converting it.  Everything went very smoothly, and the Gold 9000 went back on the road, ready for another 226,000 miles.

It didn't take long before I decided that even at such high mileage the car had a lot of potential in it.  I started with some minor ignition upgrades and cleanup in the engine bay, and then turned to handling.  I replaced the truly awful Monroe shocks with slightly less awful KYBs, and threw on a set of Jamex lowering springs.  Handling was outrageous for a car of its size, but the ride was severely compromised.  Rather than invest in some more guessing, I took the easy way out and installed a complete 9000 Aero suspension package - struts, shocks, and springs - and matched them with a set of Super Aero wheels wrapped in BF Goodrich g-Force tires.  End result?  Firm but acceptable ride and equally great handling.  Following that, I finished off the upgrades (temporarily) with a complete 3" exhaust and mildly tuned APC box.  Now, I'm happy to report, I've got a funny-looking 14 year old car with 250,000 miles on it that will leave a brand-new Mustang GT in the dust.  Needless to say, I'm pretty happy about it.

Performance: Saab Super Aero 16x6.5" Wheels, BFGoodrich g-Force KDW 215/50-16 Tires, Saab/Momo Sport & Rally Steering Wheel, 9000 Aero Springs/Shocks/Struts, Saab High-Performance Distributor, Magnecor Ignition Wires, Beru Silverstone Spark Plugs, Bosch "Red" Ignition Coil, 3" downpipe-back Exhaust, Tuned APC Box (14psi, "Passive Mode")

Lighting: Hella H4 Headlamps, Hella 530 Fog Lights, 

Audio: Pioneer KEH-P818R Head Unit, Pioneer CDS-P5000 CD player, Boston Acoustics 4" Components (front), Boston 3.5" coaxials & Kenwood 6.5 coaxials (rear)

Bought:  June 1998 @ 212k
Status:  Five forward gears & 255,000 miles!


1988 SAAB 9000 Turbo

While waiting for the champagne 9000 to be shipped up north I took to looking around for a possible transmission donor, in the event I decided to keep it.  This one was spotted in Auto Trader Online and located in Fremont, CA.   On a lark, we headed down to the Bay Area to check it out.  We were pleasantly surprised to find it running well and more-or-less fully functional.  Not perfect, but it was a pretty good deal.

Once home, and the truth about the champagne 9000's problems was learned, the decision was made to fix this one up.  The major items were taken care of first:   Four new motor mounts and one new tranny mount to fix the wiggling engine, a new valve body in the slushbox to fix the late shifting, and new windshield to replace the cracked one.  Next, the auxiliary systems were looked at:  a new window regulator for the front passenger, a new power antenna, and all electrical systems were verified.  Finally, a couple cosmetic things, like new cornering lamps & headlamps, the side markers were replaced, and a Kenwood in-dash CD player installed to replace the dying factory cassette and equalizer unit.

Since I didn't need two automatic 9000s, I decided to sell it.   Conveniently, my roommate's parents were looking for a car, and they ended up buying it just a couple weeks after it was given a green light.  Sold my first 9000 to my roommate, and my third to his parents... Coincidence?  I think not!



Audio:  Kenwood CD Player

Bought:  June 1998 @ 188k
Sold:  September 1998 @ 189k


1980 SAAB 900 Turbo

Not the prettiest picture - but it wasn't the prettiest car, either.

Ever since I bought my first Saab - the four-door '84 - I had wanted more than anything to swap a 16v engine into an older car.  I don't really know why, but it seemed like something genuinely interesting to do, and what better old Saab to receive the swap than a 5-door 900!  Since they were only imported into America for a couple years ('79 to '80) before being replaced by the four-door, finding one in reasonable shape was somewhat of a challenge, but after nearly two years of searching I was successful!

Or so I thought.  I set to stripping the car, preparing it for paint and cosmetic updates.  As I got more and more out of the car, I found more and more reasons why the car was not the project I'd hoped for.  There was hidden body damage and rust all over the place.  It was fairly depressing, so I put the car into storage, awaiting a decision on its future.  Ultimately, I might have come back to it, but fortunately for me (and unfortunately for the car) I found a much better Project 5-Door a few months later.  A decision was made, and 5-Door #1 was crushed.  

Bought:  July 1998 @ ???
Crushed:  October 1999 @ ??? 


1987 Saab 900 SPG

This picture is before the axle swap.  Once I get center caps for the Aero wheels, I'll post an updated picture.

In November 1998 another Saab showed up, mysteriously, at my house.  Actually, it wasn't very mysterious, and it didn't exactly show up.  I drove down to Studio City, CA to buy it, and a friend of mine drove it back to Sacramento.  It was rather a spontaneous purchase, but when you spot a $2500 SPG, how can you pass it up?

When we got it home, the car was running really poorly due to a failed head gasket.  Off came the head, on went a new gasket.  It ran pretty well following the service, but still wasn't quite right.  Its problems were evidenced when it utterly failed to pass its mandatory California smog test. That began Round 1 of repairs.  Investigations turned up a broken exhaust manifold stud, so the head came back off so it could be repaired.  A good head from an '88 SPG went on, along with a new clutch with a lightened flywheel.  I also replaced every inch of vacuum hose with silicone and installed a new catalytic converter.

It passed smog, but within 4,000 miles the transmission's pinion bearing started making noise.  That wasn't what I was hoping for.  The car sat for several months (almost a year!) to avoid further damage to the tranny.  In November of '99, the second round of repairs began.  A donor '90 900S was located, and provided a low-mileage transmission and its axles/hubs/brakes to allow me to fit later-style wheels and get a rear handbrake.  While the engine was out, the timing chain, guides, and tensioner were all replaced, along with the water pump, crank pulley, and all exposed oil seals.  The steering rack, A/C compressor, AMM, distributor, ignition wires, TPS, and the fuel pre-pump were all replaced.  As long as everything was apart, I figured it might as well get the full treatment!

Unfortunately, things didn't last terribly long.  After getting everything nearly sorted out, and the car almost running *perfectly*, fate laughed at me.  The power steering pump failed first, then two days later I gallantly piloted another Saab into a ditch.  I've got no fingers to point, and no explanation to offer - a routine stop turned ugly when the rear wheels lost traction and the car's direction changed very, very suddenly.  Whether it was some sort of brake imbalance, a slick road, or whatever I still to this day am at a loss to explain exactly what happened.  Fortunately, no one was hurt ('cept the Saab).  I think, perhaps, it's time for me to call it quits with grey Saabs.  I have very poor luck with them.... :(

Performance: Lightened Flywheel, Moderately Tuned APC Box (~12 psi), Magnecor Ignition Wires, '88+ style brakes/hubs/axles/suspension, Saab Aero 16" wheels, Saab Whale Tail, Saab/Momo Sport & Rally Steering Wheel

Lighting: Bosch Pilot Foglights

Audio: Blaupunkt Tucson

Bought:  November 1998 @ 156k
Dead:  June 2000 @169k


1988 Saab 900 T

An odd story here:  When my 1990 900T got wrecked in '97 and I was looking for a new car, one of the cars I looked at was a '88 900T.  It was sitting buried at a used car lot, and the sales guys there weren't particularly enthusiastic about getting it out for me to test drive.  I sighed and left.

A few weeks later I was pulling into my parents' house in the '86 9000T I had purchased instead, I looked behind me, and recognized the driver of the car behind me - a guy I had known while working at a software store.  He pulled up next to me in, of all things, the green 900T I'd not been able to test drive.  Ever since he'd seen my '84 900T he'd wanted one, and of all crazy coincidences bought a Saab I'd almost bought!  

He owned the car for almost two years and put a ton of work into it (Curse of the '88 900Ts) but he had decided he really wanted either an SPG or a 900 convertible.  He decided to sell his '88, but before he could the head gasket blew.  Not wanting to put any money into it prior to sale, he offered it to me for an attractive price.  I took him up on the offer, fixed the car up, and added it to the fleet.

Once the '86 900S (below) was up and running beautifully, I decided it was time to let the '88 go.  Fortunately, a friend of mine's sister was looking for a car, and we were able to work out a good deal for everyone - she got a great car, and I didn't have to sell it to someone that wouldn't take care of it.

Performance: Saab RoadHolding Kit, Saab High-Performance Distributor, Saab SPG Wheels, Cat-Back 2.5" Exhaust


Audio: Blaupunkt Nevada CD Player, Boston Acoustics 5.25" Speakers (front), Boston Acoustics 4x6" Speakers (rear)

Bought:  March 1999 @ 134k
Sold:  August 2000 @ 155k


1980 Saab 900 T

I wasn't exactly looking for a car at this point, but as I was coming home from work one afternoon, I saw this one sitting in a field, with a For Sale sign on it.  I would have driven right by, but its European H4 headlamps caught my eye, so I decided to investigate.  As I pulled up to it, I noticed first the Inca-style wheels,  and then that it was a 5-door.  I was most impressed - there was no rust to speak of, the body was straight (except some minor damage on the driver's door) and the seats and headliner were in excellent condition.  When I saw the 5-speed badge on the hatch, I knew I had to have it.  A 900T 5-door with Incas, H4s, a 5-speed, and a good interior was too rare to pass up.

I shelled out the $450 and brought it back to my place.  I had no idea what was wrong with it, but it wouldn't start.  It sat in front of my house for several months, until one afternoon when I was bored.  I replaced some wiring, put new plugs in, changed the oil, threw in a new battery, and it started right up.  I was blown away.  I was all ready for a Maiden Voyage when I found the real problem: the front left hub's splines were completely stripped out - something I'd never seen.  Happily, a friend donated a set of 1987 900T front spindles to help me out.  So we threw 'em on, and took off in the 5-door.  It flew through the smog & safety inspection, and became my daily driver for quite some time.

In April of 2001, however, I got word that a friend had wrecked his '88 SPG.  He was alright, but the car was pretty much a complete loss.  Rather than let it end up at some junkyard, I bought the salvage and set about stripping it.  Over the course of the next four or five months, every single part from that SPG found its way into my 5-door, including the 16v engine.  It was quite a project, but the end result is great - a 5-door with a 16vT motor powered by LH Jetronic, Hall-Effect Ignition, and APC.  As soon as I recover from this work, I plan on pulling it all back apart and having the car repainted and the interior reupholstered.  That, however, is still some time out.  In the mean time, I'm working on a write-up detailing the conversion.

Performance: Front & Rear Swaybars, Saab SPG Wheels, Vented Front Rotors (Saab 1987 900T), Saab 16v Intercooler & Turbo Bypass Valve, Late-Style Gauge Cluster, Saab 1985 Front Grille & 16vT Front Airdam, 

Lighting: Hella H4 Headlamps, Hella 500 Driving Lights, Bosch Pilot Foglights

Audio: Kenwood AM/FM/Cassette Stereo

Bought:  March 1999 @ ??? (broken odometer, 181k reference point)
Status:  Daily Driver  

1972 Saab Sonett

I'd always known I would someday own a 'vintage' Saab.  At first, I'd thought it would be a 95 or 96 V4, but after seeing a Sonett close-up in 1998 I knew I had to have one.  It took a lot of looking to find one that was in good shape but didn't cost a fortune, but the wait was worth it.  I picked this guy up in Newhaul, CA, where it had sat for the better part of the '90s (if not longer).

I paid $1500 for the car.  Mechanically it's pretty darned good - the engine runs strong, but 4th gear makes quite a bit of racket.  The body is straight but needs paint, and the interior is complete but needs reupholstering.  Due to the difficulty in getting replacement transmission parts, and my desire to enjoy the car and not its vintage, I've opted to replace the drivetrain with a Mazda 13B engine (two rotor, 1.3l) and a Subaru 5-speed transmission.  It's going to be a long process, but the resulting vehicle should be quite fun to drive.

Bought:  September 1999 @ 71k (indicated)
Status:  Waiting for a Wankel!

1986 Saab 900 S

You can also see pictures of:

Battery Relocation

Rear Speaker Install

Mesh Grille

Custom Shift Knob

Silver-ed Interior


While cruising the local wreckers looking for some parts for the 5-door, one of the employees brought me over to a corner to point out something "I might be interested in."  At first, I wasn't sure what I was looking at, but it didn't take long to figure out.  And he was right - I was interested in it.

They'd acquired a rare 2-door 900.  A notchback coupe that was only imported to the U.S. in 1985 and 1986, and only in non-turbocharged form.  This particular one was excellent - an '86 S model, meaning it was a 16v instead of the far more common 8v 2-doors.  The exterior was near-perfect, with no body damage anywhere, and the only ding being a small scar at the bottom of the passenger-side door.  Clearly a well-loved car, the interior was flawless and even the trunk tool-kit was 100% intact.  It's only problems were an automatic transmission and a blown one at that.  Not a problem for me...

I purchased it on the spot, and brought it home.  As I was really busy with work, I sent it out a couple weeks later to have the automatic transmission replaced with a 5-speed, and let my mechanic have his way with it.  I got it back in mid-December 1999 with a new transmission, new Boge shocks, Jamex springs, a lightened flywheel, 2.5" exhaust, and Epsilon 2-piece wheels.  I enjoyed it quite a bit for quite a while, but eventually the need to tweak it caught up with me.

Since then, I've done a ton of work to the car.  It's a process, but I'm quite happy with it so far.  I honestly think this will be one of the first cars I've owned to ever actually get finished.  We'll see though... there's still quite a bit left to do!  

Performance: Jamex Lowering Springs, Vented Front Rotors (1987 900T), Motegi 16x7" MR8 wheels (16.5lbs each!), 16vT Front Airdam, Front & Rear Swaybars, 16vT Turbo Engine Oil Cooler, VDO Volt & Oil Pressure Gauges, K&N Cone Filter in custom airbox, 2.5" exhaust (collector to tip), Bosch "Red" Ignition Coil, Magnecor Ignition Wires, Beru Silverstone Spark Plugs, Battery Relocation to Trunk (using Optima SpiralCell sealed battery)

Lighting: Hella H4 (Euro-Spec) Headlamps, Hella/Optilux 1400 Driving Lights

Audio: Sony CDX-MP70 MP3 Head Unit, Polk EX 5.25" components (front doors), Blaupunkt Overdrive 5.25" components (rear side panels), Sony Xplod XM-405EQX amp

Bought:  October 1999 @ 167k
Status:  Daily Driver!

1978 99 T

The cute little 99 Turbo more or less fell into my lap.  The previous owner was issued an ultimatum by his neighborhood association to either remove the car or have it towed, and with no where to store it, offered it up for free.  It was a fluke I caught the ad, but I did and the next night I was off to San Jose to claim it!

The car has been modified slightly, but it is believed to be a genuine 99 Turbo.  The paint job is not stock - originally it was Anthracite - but appears to be a real Saab color "Cinnabar Red."  The interior has been swapped for 900-style seating and the original Inca wheels are long-gone.  But, the factory dash-mounted boost gauge is there, as is the Turbo front airdam, and there is evidence that the engine is original.  In the end, who knows?

The poor thing sat in my driveway for almost a year and a half, but finally it got its turn in the garage.  With the 16vT conversion completed on the 5-door, I finally had a good b-motor to replace the 99's questionable engine.  Work is in progress but moving at a good pace.  The original Inca wheels will be restored along with a stock, "vintage" interior, but a few upgrades are planned.  Among them, front vented rotors, a plastic fuel tank, and SPG springs.  We'll see where that gets me...

Bought: November 2000 @ ???
Status: Project!