Other Saabs


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Finally, most of these images were provided to me by viewers of the old site.  If one of these images or cars is yours and you'd like credit for it or for me to remove it, let me know and I'll be happy to do so.

This is a sight you'll never see in America - two 900 Carlssons with a white airflow-kitted convertible thrown in for good measure!
Another car never imported into America - a 2-door SPG!  This is what I ultimately plan to do with my 2-door.
One heck of a rare car - a 900 Enduro.  This car was only offered in Australia.  Quite the intense appearance.  You can go here to read more about it.
This is a picture of a one-off prototype commissioned by Saab to see what a 9000 Coupe might look like.  This car is unique - there was only one ever made.
A 9000 Carlsson - another fantastic car America never got.  I believe this is a picture from some Saab literature from the U.K.
Now this is a different look for a 9000!  I can't say I don't like it...
Another 900 Carlsson, this one fitted with Aero wheels.
Paul Turner's nice looking T16S.  Paul was nice enough to supply me with a lot of the images you see on this page, and some content for the Movies section. 
I find myself saying this a lot - another car America never saw.  The Ruby Edition 900 Turbo.  Unique color and unique trim, and every option available at the time.
A 900 Aero.  America got the SPG, which is essentially the same, but we never got Silver as an option, and we never got body-color lower panels as an option.  Too bad, 'cause this is one nice-looking car!
These two images are of Todd Buttrick's gorgeous '98 CSE.  Here in the States, 1997 was the last year of the 9000 Aero, but all 1998 CSEs featured the Aero engine and the unique exposed-lug Super Aero wheels.  This is a car that one-ups in the Aero for a stealth factor!